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worry about yourself.

you realize it’s probably a mistake when you stop for a hitchhiker. He’s an old man and you feel sorry for the guy. he climbs into your car grunting and wheezing while thanking you for your kindness. it’s not until after you’ve merged back onto the highway that you notice what might be wet blood on the left cuff of his tattered, filthy jeans. you’re thankful when he falls asleep a mile or so down the road.
as you reach for the radio button, you notice out of the corner of your eye, violent muscle twitching in his leg. he wakes screaming and grabbing desperately at his legs. he pulls his pant leg up. you see blood and exposed muscle and bone. there’s something long, thin and black, like a few extension cords twitching around in the bloodied area. he pulls the longest from out of his leg. it’s flailing around wildly in his hand. an opening at one end has an undulating array of needle like teeth. in it’s wild thrashing it brushes against your face, it’s teeth catching your cheek. immediately it begins devouring a hole in the side of your face and then bites up into the roof of your mouth. the last thing you hear is the sound of a tractor trailer air horn as your car careens across the road into oncoming traffic.


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